Obey 70 Controller

The Chauvet Obey 70 (OB-70) 3U rack mount controller is a fairly versatile unit capable of controlling 384 DMX channels allocated into 12 fixtures of 32 channels each and is ideal for controlling scanners and moving head lights that need pan and tilt axis control.

Provided here are our training manual which takes you through all of the controllers functions in an organized way and also provides some other useful information. The Controller Schedule worksheet serves two purposes: first, it informs the build shop how to configure the fixtures and second, it it informs the programmer/operator what device is assigned to each fixture and how the purpose of each chase. The fixture sheet outlines the function of each fixture channel and how they should be configured. The step sheet is used to record each step of a chase as it's being developed.

Typically, we furnish these mounted in either rack or console cases with two or more units mounted and prewired. We can provide wired or wireless DMX to meet the needs of the venue and the event.

Short of going with a full blown memory console like the GrandMA or Hog consoles, the Obey 70 is a great fit for moving lights with it's dozen fixture capability and the 32 channels modern movers need. The pan and tilt control makes positioning very easy.



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