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SPS has a library of materials we prepared for staff and client training over the years and are making them generally available to the live event support industry. You'll find articles about the equipment we provide and the worksheets we use to design live shows which you can download and print if you wish. These materials are suitable for viewing on handheld devices or printing. We hope these materials will be useful for the industry and invite questions and comments about how we can make these better or more accurate. This is just a small sampling of things to come as the migration from paper to the web is time consuming process, so feel free to check back from time to time for new additions.

If you find these materials useful, you may freely link to them as you wish and sharing them on social media is encouraged. Each item is specially set up for convenient sharing. The various forms are provided in both html and pdf versions as well.



These materials were developed by Stagecraft Production Service for staff and client training purposes. No warranty, express or implied, exists with respect to the accuracy of information contained within and users are advised to use the information contained within at their own risk. Users should consult the official documentation for these products for information that may not be present herein. These materials should not be considered as a replacement or substitute for the official documentation.


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