Stagecraft stocks four Chauvet DMX lighting controllers: Obey 10, Obey 40, Obey 70, and Stage Designer 50. The Obey 10 is a 128 dmx channel controller arranged to control eight 16 channel intelligent fixtures. It features six chases of 999 steps each and runs in manual, automatic, and sound trigger modes. The Obey 40 provides 192 dmx channels arranged for twelve 16 channel intelligent fixtures. It features six chases of 240 steps, 30 scene banks with 8 scenes per bank, and strobe and fog controls. It runs in manual, automantic, sound trigger, and MIDI modes. The Obey 70 provides 384 dmx channels arranged for twelve 32 channel moving lights. It features thirty banks of eight preset scenes, six 240 step chases, strobe and fog controls in manual, automatic, sound trigger, and MIDI control. The Stage Designer 50 features 48 dmx channels and can be configured as a two scene preset console with either 12 or 24 channels, 24 or 48 channels with master or as a 48 channel memory console.


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