Chauvet Stage Designer 50
Step Schedule

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Step Behavior
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Purpose This worksheet is used to document the configuration of Stage Designer 50 scene steps for an event.
Architecture The Chauvet Stage Designer 50 features a total of 96 scenes arranged in two scene banks, each having four pages, and each page has twelve scenes. Each scene can hold up to one thousand programable steps reflecting the settings of forty-eight DMX channels. The steps can be a series of "looks" to render or can function as chases.
Printing For best results, set printer to only print page one unless you need copies of these instructions.
Event This block can be used to describe the event.
Start Date This block can be used to indicate date when fixtures need to be ready.
End Date This block can be used to indicate date when fixtures will be available for the next event.
Bank Indicate Bank A or Bank B.
Page Indicate Page 1 through 5.
Scene Indicate Scene 1 through 12.
Step Indicate step number in a range from 1 to 1000.
Behavior Specify expected behavior for this step in the chase.